Boulder received an abundance of cold and snow in a large Spring Storm, May 18, 2017

How did the peonies survive the storm?

Farmer Chet says they took on 5″ of heavy, WET snow. It laid down overnight along with some cold temperatures.

Many of the flowers that may have survived will probably develop with crooked stems. We will know more in about a week. Please keep checking in with us and don’t be afraid to buy crooked peonies!


What’s a farmer to do?


“This happens, you can expect these types of things. Our hardy specimens have survived this and more.

Initially the crop was going to be 60-70% now it will be about 10%.


“3 1/2 weeks ago a storm knocked us down a little and then this one took us out at the knees.”


Don’t be afraid to buy crooked peonies!

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