Peonies Peonies Peonies at farmers markets on saturday

We are so excited to have these amazing peonies for YOU! Not only are these flowers fragrant and stunning – they are available now at the Boulder Farmers Market and Denver Union Station Farmers Market.

Locally Grown

What makes these splendid beauties so special? The key is locally grown flowers fresh from The Fresh Herb Co’s fields. Farming in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado offers some challenges. Snow and hail in May are two of the factors that can wipe out an entire crop of flowers and so when the field flowers fully, we can deliver this exquisite bounty to you.

Peonies Peonies Peonies Just For You

Come and get them while they last and enjoy them for days to come.

Peonies Peonies Peonies from the fresh herb co

Peonies are in bloom at the fresh herb co  its all about the peonies peonies peonies

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