TheFreshHerbCo hosts Vase-to-table event Outstanding In The Field

The Fresh Herb Co is pleased to announce an Outstanding in the Field Event!

We are happy to be the host farm for this wonderful Outstanding in the field event!

Sunday, July 23, 2017 @ 4PM

Guest Chef: Eric Skokan, Black Cat, Boulder, CO

A cool flowing stream, shade from tall cottonwood trees, a table on the grass with fields of flowers all around. A very sweet place to set a table and learn about the farm. Chet Anderson is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture. He has succeeded over many, many seasons and will share his knowledge and insights about farming. Chef Eric Skokan is also a farmer. He raises animals and grows vegetables at his Black Cat Farm close to Boulder. Eric’s work in the kitchen has earned him a 2017 James Beard semi-finalist spot for Best Chef: Southwest.

A picturesque setting for an amazing culinary event!

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    Hi i was interested in volunteering to be a server at the outstanding in the fields event July 24th. Are you able to give me more information? Thanks.

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