When Will The Lavender be Ready?

lavender bouquests come from lavender filled fields at The Fresh Herb Co

This is one of our most asked question! And we are excited to tell you that the lavender is here now! Lavender bouquets are waiting just for you.

Locally grown lavender bouquets are at the Farmers Markets now

Come visit us Saturday, at the Boulder Farmers Market and Denver Union Station Farmers Market and bring home arms full of lavender bouquets. They were also delivered to Whole Foods on the front range.

What makes this lavender so special?

The key is locally grown flowers fresh from The Fresh Herb Co’s fields. Farming in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado is a great environment for lavender to thrive and when the field flowers fully, we can deliver this exquisite bouquets to you.

Come and get them while they last and enjoy them for days to come. Here’s a recipe for Lavender Lemon Goat Cheese – enjoy! And then read about how you can enjoy lavender all year long



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