The Fresh Herb Co has fresh lavender ready for youThe fresh lavender is on the way to Farmer’s Markets this week!

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than having a fresh bouquet of lavender wafting through your home. Lavender which comes from the Latin word “lavare” (which means to wash) was used by Queen Victoria and Marie Antoinette to make their palaces, clothing and even hair and furniture more fragrant.

Fresh lavender has a very short life span of about 2-3 days so it is most often used dry or as an essential oil. But there is nothing quite like fresh lavender – so we thought we’d show you a few ways to maximize the fresh lavender while it coming straight out of the field.

Lovin’ Lavender on Facebook LIVE

Chet Anderson and Mama Caruso Cooks whipped up some recipes right on the farm at The Fresh Herb Company that included fresh lavender – watch this Facebook LIVE episode of Mama Caruso Cooks Hacks and Tips, Lovin’ Lavender or watch it streaming LIVE on The Fresh Herb Co here. Now go enjoy some fresh lavender tonight – it is super easy.

Fresh Lavender RecipesUse fresh lavender in this delicious lavender lemon goat cheese spread

When the lavender is fresh it will send any dish out of this world and this lavender lemon goat cheese recipe is no exception.

Lavender blackberry ice cubes will brighten any summer drink. Fresh lavender and blackberries make this recipe smoothie worthy. Use an ice mold and the rich berry color will add a new dimension to your punch bowl.

Fresh lavender makes this delicious blackberry ice cube recipe pop

Bring some happiness into your home this weekend

You do not want to miss out on this fresh lavender. Come get your lavender at the Farmer’s Market the Boulder or Denver Union Station Farmers Markets! The Fresh Herb Co will be at both markets on Saturday from 8 – 2 in Boulder and 9 – 2 in Denver.  The Fresh Herb Co is proud to be a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers Growers and Certified American Grown.



Here are Chet’s Top 10 Reasons to Buy Flowers – now what are you waiting for – go out and get your lavender, bouquets and lilies before they are gone!

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