Come and get the last lavender of the season at the Farmer’s Market this week!

Do you want to enjoy lavender all year long? Here are a few tips from Chet and Kristy, owners of the Fresh Herb Company, to help you preserve lavender so you can enjoy it all year long.

Keep the Lavender Love Going

The lavender fields are almost done blooming and the last of the fresh lavender is on the way to the Farmer’s Markets. So how do you keep all of that lavender goodness all year long? Fresh lavender has a very short shelf life, only lasting a few days at the most once it is picked.

If you do want to put your fresh lavender sprigs into a vase in water, plan on drying the sprigs after one day. Keeping fresh sprigs of lavender in water more than a day will make the water smell icky and you will lose the aromatic properties of the plant.

Tips for Long Lasting Lavender:

  • GATHER – Gather the sprigs in a bundle so that all of the blooms are at the same height
  • CUT – Using scissors, cut the stems even leaving 4-6 inches of greenery
  • 2 drying methods:
    • SPREAD – Spread them out on a cloth and let dry
    • HANG – Hang the bundle upside down and use when dried

Lavender all year long from The Fresh Herb Co

Bring some happiness into your home and enjoy the lavender all year long

You do not want to miss out on the final lavender of the season. Come get your Lavender at the Farmer’s Market the Boulder or Denver Union Station Farmers Markets! The Fresh Herb Co will be at both markets on Saturday from 8 – 2 in Boulder and 9 – 2 in Denver.

Our fresh cut flowers are meticulously cared for from production through the post-harvest preparation and cooling to ensure the longest vase life for you.  The Fresh Herb Co is proud to be a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers Growers and Certified American Grown.

Here are Chet’s Top 10 Reasons to Buy Flowers – now what are you waiting for – go out and get your lavender and enjoy it all year long!


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